Head of Department Madam (Dr.) Normala Haji Basiron
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 The Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is the referral and training centre in the field of plastic & reconstructive surgery. Our clients comprises of all age group




July 1970 : Dr S. Kandiah, a newly trained Plastic Surgeon together with a hospital attendant officially conducted the first Plastic Surgery Clinic under Orthopaedic Department.

The first Plastic Surgical procedure was done on 3rd July 1970.The first regular Plastic Surgery clinic was held on 13th July  1970.

Since then, there has been a tremendous development  over the years with further progression under the leadership of Datuk Dr Ahmad Ridzwan Arshad, it is now a full-fledged department on its own.

Currently the department is helmed by Madam (Dr) Normala Hj Basiron since 2006.

The Burn Unit has been fully taken over by Plastic Surgery Department since 2nd July 2018.



1.1    The department shall be a centre of excellence providing high quality care and patients are given the

       opportunity to receive the best possible management

1.2     To be the best plastic & reconstructive surgery centre in Malaysia

1.3     To be the national referral centre for majority of plastic & reconstructive surgery cases especially for

        complex craniofacial reconstructive surgery, flap related & reconstructive microsurgery and

        burns related reconstructive surgery

1.4      Plastic & reconstructive surgery services shall at all time be delivered with quality and full commitment by

         multidisciplinary team which are dedicated, responsible, efficient and highly skilled

1.5      To provide continuous medical training and research to all medical professionals and allied

        health care professionals



1.1   To provide diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative and holistic services that are appropriate, effective, adequate,

        and comfortable to patient requiring institutional care for inpatient and outpatient.

1.2    Deliver optimal treatment to all patients under our care in order to achieve maximal cure whenever possible

1.3       Promote the principles and practice of quality plastic & reconstructive surgeries

1.4      Provide a working environment that is safe for staffs, patients and their families

1.5      Be a reputable centre for training of plastic surgeons and allied health professionals involved in

        plastic and reconstructive surgery care

1.6    To provide facilities for practical & competency  training of paramedics, student nurse, medical students,

       medical officers as well as post graduates medical officers doing Master Degree Program



Client’s Charter

1. Every client will receive registration services which accurate, quick and according to their allocated turn

2. Every client will be given an expert consultation with a friendly and professional manner

3. Every client will be given a proper explanation regarding the procedure, treatment and payment.








1.  Craniofacial surgery

2.  Cleft surgery

I.e: Lip and palate repair

3.  Tumor resection with flap reconstruction & reconstructive  microsurgery

4.  Breast surgery

I.e: Breast reconstruction post mastectomy, gynaecomastia

5.  Genitalia repair / reconstruction

I.e: Phimosis, hypospadias

6.  Aesthetic surgery and procedures

I.e: LASER treatment, scar management

7.  Acute burn & secondary burn reconstruction

8.  Correction of congenital deformities

I.e Hand syndactyly

9.  Reconstructive surgery for complex wound closure

10. Vascular anomalies

11.  Pressure sore surgery


The department conducts academic activities (CME) regularly for the surgical trainees in Plastic Surgery on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 7.15a.m - 8.15a.m. The journal presentations by the surgical trainees are also held regularly on every Friday afternoon. Besides that the inter-department meeting with the Pathology Department is conducted every month to discuss about the cases operated for that particular month and to update on the knowledge on cases managed.

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department are committed to provide the best training and exposure to its surgical trainees in Plastic Surgery. A number of important courses such as microsurgery, flap dissection, seminars in Plastic Surgery, wound and burns management courses and etc have been conducted consecutively for the last 5 years. The collaboration with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, enable our department to host many of these important courses mentioned with the presence of several prominent and respected plastic surgeons from abroad.

The following are the courses held by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia:-

1. Annual Flap Dissection Workshop since 1999.

2. Annual Microsurgery Workshop since 2000.

3. Annual National Symposium on Plastic Surgery (for medical and paramedical staffs) since 2003.

Participants at the Annual Microsurgery Workshop 

Participants for the 5th Flap Dissection Workshop

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