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The Emergency and Trauma Department (ETD) has been the front gate of Hospital Kuala Lumpur since its establishment in 1993. Providing a holistic and comprehensive emergency care and services has been the core business of this department. ETD of HKL is also one of the oldest emergency department in this region. Emergency and Trauma  Department HKL is actively involved in disaster management at national level. Some of the major disaster management that ETD HKL has coordinated were Highland Tower in 1993, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) management in 2003 as well as the current pandemic COVID-19 in the year 2020.

Multiple collaborations among the stakeholders of this hospital have enable ETD to venture into a few strategic services for enhancement in patients’ care. Acute dialysis service , acute stroke thrombolysis, One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC), HKL-IJN ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction Network (HISNET) for Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) and Emergency Critical Care are among the list of services provided.

Housing at least 60 beds, the department sees an average of 250,000 cases yearly, making ETD HKL as the busiest emergency department in the country. Beside providing a 24-hour emergency service to cater to the community in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, ETD HKL also accept referrals from all over the country.


To become a centre of excellence for services and training in Emergency Medicine in this region in keeping with current medical advancement.

Mission and Objectives:

1. To provide effective and efficient emergency care

2. To offer comprehensive emergency medicine services for all ages in the aspect of prevention, diagnostic, therapeutic and definitive treatment

3. To collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in providing quality services

4. To instil hope for patients recovering from their illnesses

Client Charter:

1.To provide optimal care emergency care services

2.Cases will be treated according to severity of patient:

- Critical : Immediately

- Semi Critical : 30 minutes

- Non Critical: 90 minutes

3. Cases will be referred to the relevant specialties for further management

4. Keep patient confidentiality.

Organisation Chart:


The Emergency and Trauma Department HKL provides a wide scope of emergency care services which are mainly divided into Clinical Emergency Medical Services and Pre-Hospital and Disaster Management Services.

1. Emergency Medical & Trauma Care

- Critical

- Semi Critical

- Non Critical

- Acute Stroke Protocol

- HKL-IJN STEMI Network (HISNET) for Primary PCI

- Low Risk Chest Pain Protocol

- Acute Emergency Dialysis

- Emergency Department Isolation Ward

2. Major Event Medical Coverage

3. Disaster Management

4. One Stop Crisis Centre ( OSCC )

5. Pre-Hospital Care (PHC) and Ambulance Services

6. Medical Emergency Coordination Centre ( MECC )

7. Emergency Medicine After Care Clinic ( EMACC )

8. Decontamination Services

9. Isolation Ward Services

10. Observation Medicine

11. Medical Record Unit


Continuous Professional Development and Courses

The Emergency and Trauma Department in Hospital Kuala Lumpur is committed to provide regular and comprehensive trainings to all its staffs to ensure the services provided are always at its highest level. The trainings and courses are as stated below:

1. Biweekly Continuous Medical Education

2. Biweekly Grand Ward Round

3. Weekly Postgraduate Students Tutorials

4. 2-weekly Emergency Physician Tutorials

5. Monthly X-Ray Conferences in collaboration with Radiology Department

6. Morbidity and Mortality Meeting

7. Weekly Journal Read

8. First Responder Life Support Course

9. Pre-Hospital Care Course (PHC)

10. Basic Life Support Course (BLS)

11. Advanced Life Support Course (ALS)

12. Basic Trauma Life Support Course (BTLS)

13. Malaysian Trauma Life Support Course (MTLS)

14. Paediatrics Life Support Course (PLS)

15. One Stop Crisis Centre Course (OSCC)

16. Airway Course

17. Triage Course

18. Mechanical Ventilation Course

19. Dengue Workshop

20. Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthesia Course (UGRA)

21. Critical Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine (SONOCEM)

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