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Last updated : 19 November 2020


The Department of Pathology is composed of multiple pathology disciplines providing diagnostic service not just to Hospital Kuala Lumpur but also to the whole country as it is the National Referral Center for pathology services of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. This department is one of the largest clinical departments in Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL). The department has been accredited to MS ISO 15189 by Department of Standards Malaysia. As part of Kuala Lumpur Hospital, the department has also obtained MS ISO 9001certificated from SIRIM


To be the Premier Reference Laboratory by providing accurate and timely diagnostic services for patient care and community health.


1. To ensure that all testing and related activities are carried out in accordance to best practice with documented procedures using appropriate methodology and technology.

2. To ensure all laboratory personnel are competent and comply with the relevant policies and procedures, guidelines, standards and regulations.

3. To provide Pathology services in accordance to MS ISO 9001, MS ISO 15189.

4. To provide the right environment to enhance training and research.

5. To continuously improve and expand Pathology services to meet the clinical and public health needs.




It is our policy to provide accurate and timely results to our customers through continual improvement of the services.


1. Ensure all laboratory personnel comply with all policies and procedures relevant to their work.

2. Ensure all laboratory technology and equipment are up-to-date and well-maintained.

3. Ensure professionalism and competency by providing appropriate training to all categories of staff.

4. Ensure the use of examinations procedures that will provide the highest achievable quality of all tests performed.

5. Ensure periodic evaluation and audit on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

6. Ensure a safe, conducive and well-maintained environment.


1. Customers will be treated with care, consideration and dignity.

2. Customers will be given clear and comprehensive explanation about the test requests.

3. Specimens will be dealt according to standard work processes and procedures.

4. Tests will be performed promptly and accurately using proven methodology and appropriate technology.

5. Tests results will be treated with confidentiality.

6. Provide technical advisory and clinical consultancy where appropriate.


Last updated : 19 November 2020

The Department of Pathology provides diagnostic and consultancy service in the following disciplines of pathology:

1. Chemical Pathology

2. Haematology

3. Histopathology

4. Cytology

5. Medical Microbiology

6. Clinical Toxicology

7. Drug of abuse testing

These services are provides for HKL and various clinic, government hospitals, and government agencies, university hospitals and private health institutions.

The department also provides specialized pathology service by trained pathologists and highly skilled technical personnel in the following sub specialties which include:

1. Chemical Pathology

- Toxicology

- Lipid

- Endocrine and Metabolic

- Protein and Proteomics

- Inborn Error Metabolism

2. Anatomical Pathology

- Pediatric pathology

- Neuropathology

- Neuromuscular Pathology

- Gynecology Pathology

- Renal Pathology

- Bone and soft tissue Pathology

- Urology Pathology

- Dermatopathology

3. Hematology

- Morphology

- Red Cell Disorder

- Molecular Haematology

4. Medical Microbiology

- Bacteriology

- General Serology

- Virology

- Immunology

- Parasitology

- Mycology

5. Quality

- QMS in Pathology Laboratory

- Quality Tools

- Auditors for DSM, SIRIM

- Quality Trainer for department,MOH hospital and university hospitals.

Click the respective unit for more information about the unit and services provided.

1. Chemical Pathology Unit

2. Haematology Unit


3. Histopathology Unit

4. Cytology Unit

5. Microbiology Unit

6. Drug and Research Laboratory Unit

7. Pathology SCACC Unit

8. Core Laboratory Unit

9. Toxicology Unit

10. Point of Care Testing (POCT)

- QC Sheet Glucometer Accu-chek Performa

- How To Fill In HKL IQC Glucometer Form

- Accu-Chek Performa QC Handling Chart

- Quick Guide Accu-Chek Performa Handling Chart

Click here to view a complete list of tests available in Pathology Department.






Pre-Analytical Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Chemical Pathology Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Histopathology Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Cytology Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Microbiology Unit Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Haematology Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Drug and Research Laboratory

First floor in the main block of HKL


Clinical Toxicology Laboratory

First floor in the main block of HKL


Core Laboratory

First floor in the main block of HKL


SCACC Pathology Laboratory and Phlebotomy

First floor in HKL's SCACC Building


Quality Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Finance Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Information Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL


Administration Unit

First floor in the main block of HKL



Name of the functional unit

Service hours

Specimen reception counter


Makmal Teras (Core Lab)

24 hours service

 Kaunter Utama Jabatan Patologi


Pediatric Laboratory

24 hours service



24 hours service



i.0730 - 1730 hours

ii.0930 - 1030 hours

( Saturday for receiving specimens )


Cytology unit

0730 - 1730 hours


Chemical Pathology

0730 - 1730 hour


Haematology unit

0730 - 1730 hours


Drug & Research Laboratory

i.0730 - 2100 hours

ii.0830 - 1330 hours

- Sunday Close


Clinical Toxicology

i.Monday to Friday 0730 - 1730

ii.Saturday 0830 - 1330 

- Sunday and Public Holiday (by Appointment)


SCACC Pathology Laboratory and Phlebotomy Unit

0730 - 1700 hours

Speciment reception counter

A Medical Officer and a Pathologist on call are available for consultation or assistanc after office hours.

Starting from 1st Jun 2020,all laboratory results for patients HKL(ward and clinic) can be traced dan printout from Laboratory Information System (LIS)- Doctor2u.

For outpatient HKL, laboratory results will be email to the related hospital or institute


All critical result will be notified to the requester immediately

In the case of LIS system down, enquiry of test result shall be made using a specific form for tracing laboratory results i.e BORANG MENDAPATKAN KEPUTUSAN UJIAN PATOLOGI, HKL/JP/PA/AK-05-01 at the information Counter of the Preanalytical Unit. Staff needs to fill up the form and present it to the information counter. This form is supplied by the Stationary Section, Administration Division of Kuala lumpur Hopsital.


The Department of Pathology will outsource certain test which are not offered by this laboratory.

For outsourcing tests that need payment, following procedures must be followed:

i) The request shall be made by a specialist and the requesting specialist must first discuss with the Pathologist concerned

ii) The department may require quotation/quotations for a particular test from the outsourced testing medical laboratory/laboratories from the requesting specialist. The quotations need to be submitted to Department of Pathology together with completely filled request form for approval.

iii) The specimen can be collected from a patient after the request to outsource the test is approved by Department of Pathology. The laboratory staff or Pathologist concerned must be informed when the specimen is taken.

iv) Transportation of specimen to the outsourced testing medical laboratory:-

a) If the outsourced testing laboratory provides specimen collection service:

- The specimen should be sent to the specimen reception counter in Department of Pathology.

- The specimen together with the approval letter will be collected by the staff from the outsourced testing laboratory from Department of Pathology.

b) If the outsourced testing medical laboratory does not provide specimen collection service:

- The requesting specialist shall first get the approval letter from Department of Pathology.

- The requesting specialist shall make arrangement to send the specimen to the outsourced testing laboratory.

- The specimen should be sent together with approval letter which include commitment for payment to the outsourced testing laboratory.

v) Report

- The outsourced testing medical laboratory shall issue the report and invoice for payment to the Department of Pathology.

- Department of Pathology will then send the report to the requesting doctor.

vi) Payment

- Payment will only be made by Department of Pathology after receiving the result/ report from the outsourced testing laboratory according to the invoice.


Last updated : 19 November 2020


Research statistics in the Department of Pathology in 3 years:


Total IIR and ISR Research


Number of Poster Presented

No data

No of Oral Presented

No data

No of Publication

No data


Total IIR and ISR Research


Number of Poster Presented


No of Oral Presented


No of Publication



Total IIR and ISR Research


Number of Poster Presented


No of Oral Presented


No of Publication



- Continuous Medical Education (CME): Meetings with clinical departments, case presentations, lectures and journal read are conducted regularly at unit and departmental level.

- In-service training is provided for staff within the department according to each specific unit requirement to improve clinical, technological and analytical skill in the existing or new services. Where relevant staff are also sent for courses conducted by other agencies and professional bodies within and outside the country e.g. sub specialty training to acquire skill and knowledge and skill in a specific field of pathology.

- Attachment training in pathology for medical undergraduates from local and foreign universities.

- Postgraduate training for Masters of Pathology candidates and short attachment training for candidates of other Masters Program in Medicine.

- Industrial training for undergraduates of medical related science degree courses from the various universities in Malaysia.

- Attachment training for students from the College of Medical Technology, Kuala Lumpur.

- In-service training for Scientific Officers and Medical Laboratory Technologists from other hospitals in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Note: To apply for training please writes to:

Head of Department
Department of Pathology
Hospital Kuala Lumpur
50586 Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur


“Pathology Get Together”

29 Februari 2020

Kalumpang Training Center



Last updated : 19 November 2020

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