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Our nation's journey towards being a developed country is not without its challenges. With industrialization and rapid development,  we have also observed an increase in industrial and motor vehicle accidents; which leads to disability and other morbidities.

In addition, advances in medical sciences and technology have promoted increased life expectancy and a concurrent rise in the population of the elderly in Malaysia. Thus, we are faced with a growing number of patients with debilitating diseases and multiple comorbidities requiring rehabilitation.

Compared to other medical specialties, Rehabilitation Medicine is a unique field that addresses the patient as a whole, rather than an organ or organ system.

We focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that cause functional impairment, for example in acute illnesses or injury such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, heart surgery, amputations, joint replacement, or spinal disorders. 

Our department is dedicated to advancing knowledge of effective rehabilitation therapies, and to delivering the best possible patient care. Working together with nurses, therapists and family members  help our patients return to their highest levels of independent functioning.

To provide quality rehabilitation services to the disabled people so that they can regain their independence and make a successful return to the society. 

To help the disabled people to achieve maximum functional capability by providing professional, quality, multidisciplinary, comprehensive and dynamic services which is in line with our country aspiration. 

To raise the quality of life and independence of the disabled people by providing an efficient, appropriate and patient-centered rehabilitation services.

We provide both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to suit the patient's medical condition and rehabilitation goals.

i) Amputee Rehabilitation
ii) Neurorehabilitation
iii) Paediatric Rehabilitation
iv) Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
v) Stroke Rehabilitation
vi) Mobility Clinic



We provide consultation to amputees individually about their suitability for prosthetics. The amputees will also be educated in amputated stump care including stump bandaging and comprehensive care, to aid healing, and functional restoration as well as support for preventive management of future limb loss as part of a continuum of care.


The pediatric clinic is available to children with physical deformities of their lower limb and spine in which we provide assessment and remedies to rectify the problem non surgically using orthotics. We also run a spasticity clinic together with the pediatrics unit where children with spasticity will be assessed and treatments such as oral spasticity medication or botulinum toxin A for isolated muscle groups will be administered depending on the individual.


This service is provided in collaboration with the Orthopaedic Unit HKL. The patients will be placed in a specialize spinal ward where the medical staffs are specially trained in preparing these patients for reintegration back to the society. We educate them and their family members in various areas such as hygienic concern, preventing common complications, the necessary equipments for living and daily activities. We also provide patient with counseling and support so that the patient will continue to live a fruitful life.


Stroke rehabilitation starts with evaluation of function and medical needs for those patients with stroke and also the patient's family. We evaluate the level of functioning, level of recovery along with the adjustment of living with stroke and suggest the necessary supportive treatments and education needed.


This clinic aims to provide assessments and intervention in terms of mobility, especially in the pediatric age group. Patients with neurologic impairments, orthopedic injuries, developmental delays, congenital syndromes or other disabilities that impair physical function needs some form of mobility aids or devices. Different types of wheelchairs, walkers or other gait aids are offered to patients based on their evaluations for suitability.


We provide physical evaluation for disabled person applying for driving licenses (car or motorcycle) as required by JPJ. This is to ensure the safety of the community and the driver. We also provide evaluation for those candidates who are registering as a disabled person with the Welfare Department. We provide consultation and advice on aid & equipment required by the disabled, recommendation for various housing modification that is approved by CIBD.







Amputee clinic

Mobility clinic (1st & 3rd weeks of the month) Paediatric clinic


Klinik Pakar Jabatan Perubatan Rehabilitasi



Amputee clinic


Klinik Pakar Jabatan Perubatan Rehabilitasi
Amputee clinic


Klinik Pakar Jabatan Perubatan Rehabilitasi
Spinal cord injury clinic


Klinik Pakar Ortopidik, SCACC

Training of medical officers are held by running the clinic, seeing acute ward referrals and by regular teaching sessions with the specialists and consultant.

Our department is actively involved in research with the main goal for improving the management and outcomes of our patients.


Our department has a regular CME program on every Friday afternoons. It is presented by medical officers, specialists, therapists or nurses. Topics presented are mainly about latest updates on the management of diseases or morbidity and interesting cases are discussed. 

Grand Ward Rounds are held every Friday morning with the senior consultant to discuss each and every case in the ward.  Various aspects of rehabilitation are discussed at length during the Grand Round with emphasis on improving the learning curve of the doctors and staff.


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