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Jabatan Pediatrik had its humble beginnings in two wards placed above the present car park in the main block of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. There was only one ward for all children under seven years of age, while the other ward had a few beds designated for the first and second class, and a section created for neonatal beds for out born nursery. A special care nursery for inborn was placed in the Maternity Hospital. By mid seventies alongside with the commencement of various clinical departments in the medical faculty of the National University of Malaysia, the need for a better and larger area for pediatrics was acutely felt.

Planning for Institut Pediatrik began in earnest and the foundation for the institute was laid down in 1982. Unfortunately due to various reasons, this much wanted project was only completed in early 1991. Jabatan Pediatrik however had a temporary reprieve when it moved to Wisma Kayu in 1988. Though placed in an old building, the department had seven wards dedicated to patients. By then all children aged thirteen years and below were rightfully placed under the care of the pediatrician. By May 1991, Jabatan Pediatrik moved all its activities to the present Institute of Pediatrics. Today Jabatan Paediatrik has evolved into providing various subspecialty services, serving as tertiary referral centre for the country, while continuing to provide core services in General Pediatrics and the neonates. Beside services offered by Jabatan Pediatrik, the Institute of Pediatrics also serve as a tertiary referral centre for Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics, Child Psychiatry and Pediatric Intensive Care.

Jabatan Pediatrik as with Institute Pediatric strives to become the centre of excellence in all areas of pediatric services; advocating and promoting child health, providing and supporting training and research pertaining to child health.

1. To function as a tertiary centre for pediatrics.
2. To act as consultant to the Ministry of Health on all matters pertaining to child health; training and development of Pediatric subspecialties.
3. Teaching centre of postgraduate, medical and paramedical staff in pediatrics.
4. Managing in-patients and outpatients in Institute of Pediatrics, Hospital Kuala Lumpur.


1. General Paediatrics
2. Paediatric Neonatology
3. Paediatric Oncology/Haematology and Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT)
4. Paediatric Nephrology
5. Paediatric Neurology
6. Paediatric Dermatology
7. Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
8. Paediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary - moved to Hospital Selayang
9. Paediatric Infectious Diseases
10. Paediatric Genetics & Metabolic Diseases
11. Pediatric Cardiology
12. Paediatric Ambulatory Care
13. Paediatric Immunology UPM
14. Paediatric High Dependency Care
15. Community & Social Paediatrics
16. Adolescent Medicine
17. Outpatient Paediatric Specialist Clinic

Services offered:
1. Treatment for leukaemia, lymphoma, solid tumours and haematological disorder e.g. aplastic anaemia & thalassaemia.
2. Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) for malignancies and haematological disorder e.g. aplastic anemia and thalassaemia. First BMT performed in August 1994.

Facilities include:
Day care ward, inpatient services, follow up clinics for Paediatric Oncology, Paediatric Haematology (Thalassaemia), Paediatric BMT and Halfway House (courtesy of National Cancer Society).

For further information please contact: 603-26155555 ext. 7326 & 6884 (Oncology ward KK3), 5655 (Daycare), 6905 (BMT ward)

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) provides tertiary level of neonatal care. The unit consists of two nurseries, the inborn and out born nursery. The inborn NICU caters for 25 000 to 26 000 infants born in the Maternity Hospital each year while the out born NICU is chiefly a referral centre for infants from the surrounding health centres. There are 10 intensive care ventilated beds and 5 intensive care non-ventilated beds in each NICU. The unit provides a total of 170 beds for the neonatal care in the whole hospital.

For further information please contact: 603-26155555 ext 5471/6191 (Ward SCN)

Services offered:
1. General Nephrology on an in-patient and out-patient basis, providing expert care to children with kidney diseases like urinary tract infection, nephrotic syndrome, high blood pressure, inherited kidney diseases and kidney diseases associated with other infections and diseases.
2. Critical care nephrology in the area of fluid and electrolyte imbalances and acute kidney failure.
3. Renal Replacement Treatment for children with terminal kidney failure. The modalities available are kidney transplantation, haemodialysis and chronic peritoneal dialysis.

For further information/appointment contact: 603-26155555 ext 7333 (Ward KK1)

Services Offered:
1. Clinical Neurology
Outpatient services for the investigation and management of children with epilepsy, delayed development, cerebral palsy, learning disorders, neuromuscular problems, movement disorders, headache and behavioral problems.
Inpatient services for care of acute neurological problems such as acute meningitis, coma, stroke/acute paralysis, status epilepticus, brain tumors and movement disorders.
2. Neurophysiology
a) Electroencephalography (ECG) including video-telemetry and long term monitoring.
b) EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies
c) Evoked potentials
3. Neuro Rehabilitation
a) Clinical Psychologist
b) Occupational therapy
c) Physiotherapy

For further information please contact: 603-26155555 ext.6202/7328 (Ward KK2)

Services Offered:
1. Outpatient care for skin diseases in children including atopic eczema, skin infections, bullous diseases and inherited skin diseases. (genodermatoses)
2. In-patient cares for severe skin diseases including Steven Johnson syndrome and severe genodermatoses.
3. Skin procedures like skin biopsy, physical therapy and wet-wraps for severe atopic eczemas.

For further information please contact: 603-26155555 ext. 6904 (Ward KK6).

Services offered:
1. Referral unit for complicated lung disease.
2. Sleep study
3. Lung function tests
4. Bronchoscophy
5. Home Oxygen Therapy
6. Non Invasive Ventilation
7. pH study

For further information please contact: 603-26155555 ext. 6921 (Ward KK5)

Services has moved to Selayang Hospital

Services provided:
1. Management and care of pediatrics of HIV infection cases.
2. Follow up of babies born to HIV positive mothers.
3. Counseling of affected and infected HIV cases. 4. Management of other infectious diseases e.g. tuberculosis.
5. Infection control and Travel medicine

Institute of Pediatric is the first to establish a comprehensive Pediatric Day Care Centre in August l99l. It provides ambulatory pediatric services, thus avoiding unnecessary over-night in-patient hospitalization.
The centre provides a wide range of services for: -
1. Children with malignancies who require day care chemotherapy, procedures e.g. Bone Marrow Aspiration or review (post Bone Marrow transplantation).
2. Out-patients undergoing diagnostic radiological procedures e.g. CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasonography who require preparation and sedation.
3. Thalassaemia children who require blood transfusions and health education.
4. Children who need minor surgery e.g. hernia, hydrocoele repairs.

For further information please contact: 603-26155555 ext: 5655

Services offered:
Services presently are aimed towards the protection of children against abuse and neglect by their caregivers. This is organised via a multi-disciplinary Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Team involving doctors and nurses from Hospital Kuala Lumpur welfare officers from Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, Police Officer and Education Officers. The department coordinates activities for affected children of 12 years and below.

PICU was established in 1992 as a 7 bedded unit and had renovations done in 2004. At the moment. it a a 10 bedded unit. It provides multidisciplinary intensive care managed by the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, HKL.

The Department is involved in the training of medical students from UPM, house officers, medical officers planning to sit for masters or MRCP in paediatrics as well as subspecialty training programmes for the various units.

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