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The Department of Paediatric Dentistry strives to be the Centre of Excellent for Paediatric Dental Service providing comprehensive oral health service through a health system that is affordable, 

technologically-appropriate and patient-centered.


To enhance the quality of life of the child population through the promotion of oral health and provision of quality oral healthcare that is:

• responsive to patient’s needs

• technologically-appropriate and current

• provided by trained personnel with professionalism, caring attitude and efficient teamwork in a conducive environment.  


1. To provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative oral health service to children, especially those with special needs

2. To   provide comprehensive dental treatment and oral healthcare to all referred cases, to render the patients orally-fit i.e. without signs and symptoms of active oral diseases.

3. To be involved in the training of healthcare personnel either through CME/CPD, in-service, basic and post basic courses as well as through Distance-Learning

4. To be actively involved in research pertaining to healthcare services



Referral/ Emergency/ Ward Cases

Appointment Cases

Referral/ Emergency/ Ward Cases

Appointment Cases


Referral/ Emergency/ Ward Cases

Appointment Cases

Admitted Cases (2nd & 4th week)

Referral/ Emergency/ Ward Cases

Appointment Cases


HKL Clinical Conference

General Anaesthesia (OT)

Emergency Cases 

Emergency Cases 

Journal Club/ Continuous Medicine/ Dentistry Education


Referral/ Emergency/ Ward Cases

Appointment Cases

Referral/ Emergency/ Ward Cases

Appointment Cases


General Anaesthesia (OT)

Emergency Cases 

Emergency Cases 


Patients or hospital staff makes an appointment directly by calling the Registration Counter of the Clinic. For cases requiring more urgent attention, appointment can be arranged by contacting the Dental Officers and the Paediatric Dental Specialists in 














The Department of Paediatric Dentistry provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic dental procedures to patients aged 16 years and below at the time of referral. These include the promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of dental treatment. 

Cases seen at the Department are all referred cases, either as in-patients and out-patients and the priority groups are children with special needs. This includes:

• Children, with severe medical problems such as those with congenital heart diseases, blood dyscrasias, oncology and transplant patients, and chronic disease like asthma and renal subnormal, as well as children who are immuno-compromised. 

• Children who are mentally subnormal like the Down's Syndrome children and those with other mental retardation such as the hyperactive and the autistic. 

• Children with physical handicap such as children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities like visual, hearing and speech impairment. 

• Children with adverse dental behaviour and attitudes towards dental treatment. 

• The very young children with rampant, nursing or severe early childhood caries. 

• Children with special dental developmentdisorders such as amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta, hypodontia and supernumeraries and those with oral pathological conditions. 

Apart from routine dental treatment, the services provided includes dento-alveolar surgery, interceptive orthodontics, management of orofacial injuries and provision of maxillofacial prosthesis. 

Daycare minor oral surgery/comprehensive dental treatment under general anaesthesia will be offered to those patient with underlying complex medical problems, physical/mental limited capacities, complicated/extensive dental treatment needs with adverse dental behavior. All    dental procedures/investigations needed including scaling/prophylaxis, restorations, pulp treatment, crowning, teeth extractions, intraoral radiographs can be done in one visit. 

The department also organizes multidisciplinary clinics such as 

a) Paediatric Dentistry – Orthodontic Clinic

b) Vascular Malformation Clinic with Interventional Radiologist                                        

c) Transitional Clinic with the Special Needs.

d) Combined Craniofacial Clinic with Oral Maxillofacial, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatric Respiratory, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Paediatric Anaesthetists.

The department runs a daily clinic while the elective cases requiring general anaesthesia are treated in the OT on a fortnightly basis on Wednesday and on Fridays. 

Dental officers and specialist/consultants provide an after-hours service for on-call emergency cases at the hospital Accident and Emergency Department. 



The Department encourages its staff to actively participate and attend the hospital CME every Wednesday. The department is also actively involved in Quality Assurance/Quality Initiatives, ISO and Accreditation activities carried by the hospital.


The Department also carried out CME/CDE session for all staff whereby the topic includes Infection Control. Standard Sterilization Process in Dentistry, Calibration on Data Collection for Health Information Management System (HIMS), Emergency Trolley, Inhalation Sedation in Paediatric Dentistry and other current topics.


Apart from that, the Department also carried out Journal Read for the officers. The Journal Read was prepared and presented by officers. Recent articles are selected and critically evaluated.


1. This department is the training centre for the gazettement of dental officers who have undergone postgraduate training in Paediatric Dentistry.

2. We are also involved in clinical teaching of Master in Paediatric Dentistry students, a local training programme for future Paediatric Dentist conducted by various university in Malaysia

3. We provide exposure for hospital dentistry to new dental graduates with regards to in-patient management and basic oral surgical procedure

4. As a training place for post-graduate student from other specialties 

5. Training of support staff during their clinical attachment:

a.Post – Basic Course for Dental Staff Nurse

b.Dental Surgery Assistants


Continuous Medical Education (CME)

        a)Our department encourages our staff to actively participate and attend the weekly HKL CME which is held every Wednesday. Our department has also had the pleasure of presenting at the weekly event throughout the years.

        • Continuous Dental Education (CDE)

a)Routine interdepartmental CDE sessions are held on a monthly basis for all staff throughout the year. 

b)This is to ensure our staff are well updated and are well equipped with current basic medical and dental knowledge to better aid and service our patients.

c)Topics of interest as recently presented :-

1)Infection control

2)Basic life support

3)Emergency trolley

4)Standard sterilization process in dentistry

5)Inhalation sedation in paediatric dentistry 

6)Calibration on data collection for 

7)Health Information Management System (HIMS)

8)Other medical and dental related topics

Journal Club

a)A monthly journal read and discussion is conducted for the officers and attaching dental officers to ensure up-to-date reviews regarding advances in treatment, procedures as well as new innovations in regards to the paediatric dentistry field.

b)The journal readings and case presentations are prepared based on recent published journals and articles, and presented by our own officers

c)This setting allows for further discussion and critical evaluation of the articles amongst officers as well as input from the specialists and consultants.

Clinical and Hospital Based Training

a)Our department plays a crucial role as a training centre for dental officers who are keen to pursue further advancement in the field of Paediatric Dentistry

b)Our department is among the main training centres for postgraduate paediatric master students  prior to gazettement in Paediatric Dentistry

c)We are also involved in the clinical and hospital based teaching of Master in Paediatric Dentistry students, as one of the main training centres for Future Paediatric Dentists which incorporates master students from various Universities in Malaysia. 

d)We provide clinical exposure to hospital based dentistry for freshly graduated  dental officers in regards to medically compromised patients, as well as basic dental related surgical procedures and treatment.

e)Our department also routinely help with the training of auxiliary staff such as 

1)Post basic training for dental staff nurses

2)Hospital based training for dental surgery assistants and trainees

Joint Clinic and Discussions

a)Our department,  with the joint participation of other departments, both in  hospital as well externally based dental specialties  routinely hold joined specialty clinic and discussions regarding patients whom require multidisciplinary treatment  and care.

1)A bi-monthly Hypodontia clinic is held in our department in which patients are seen and assessed by visiting Orthodontists to aid in optimal treatment planning.

2)A bi-monthly AVM clinic in which oral manifestations of arteriovenous malformations patients are jointly seen by both paediatric specialists as well as Interventional Radiologists to determine treatment.

3)Multidisciplinary inter department case discussions – are usually held at the institute for case based discussion of ongoing in-patient care when needed.

Participation in Hospital centric initiatives and programs

a)The department is also actively involved in various hospital programs such as the Quality Assurance/ Quality Initiatives, ISO and Accreditation activities carried out by and have also won several awards such as the “Anugerah Kualiti Pengarah”.




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