Head of Department Dr. Omar bin Sulaiman
Phone 03-26810680
Fax 03-26810681
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The National Transplant Resource Center is one of the departments at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital where this department serves as the center for national organ donation.


- Established on November 1, 1997

- Located in the HKL Lobby and officiated by the Director General of Health Malaysia

- Currently operating at Wisma Sejarah, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur with a strength of 22 staff.

- Role in handling cases of organ donation after death nationwide.



Malaysia will be a country made up of individuals and communities who care and accept the concept of organ and tissue donation in accordance with the government's intention to create a caring society.

Further increase the rate of organ donation so that every Malaysian citizen who needs organ transplantation will have the opportunity to receive organs and live a better quality of life.



- Creating community involvement and participation for:

- Fully achieve organ donation ability.

- Appreciate organs and tissues as valuable assets.

- Taking positive steps increases again the stage of receiving organ donations and tissues



- As an ongoing information center to the community on organ donation and transplant in Malaysia.

- Manage registration of organ donation pledges nationwide.

- Implement organ donation and transplant awareness programs

- Registers and keeps records of pledges of organ donation into the record system for reference purposes.

- Establishing relationships with various agencies to disseminate information





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