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Genetics Department in Hospital Kuala Lumpur was set up in 2009 and is one of the latest addition to this prestigious hospital. It is located at level 2, Institut Paediatrik Hospital Kuala Lumpur (IPHKL). Serving the Malaysian population of ~32 million, it is a national tertiary referral centre for providing genetic expertise. Clinical Genetics can be distinguished from other medical specialties by the fact that they deal with families, often over several generations and care for patients of all age groups. Self-referral, which is also unique to this department, is accepted from family members and individuals who are keen to learn more about their genetic risks.


To be a regional centre of excellence in treatment, training, education and research in genetics.


We strife to provide the best, ethical and cost effective service that is equivalent to international centres to patients and their families in line with the mission of the hospital and Health Ministry, in addition to fostering the general physical and mental health of Malaysians through genetic services.


1. To provide genetic services that encompass diagnosis, treatment, risk assessment and effective counseling to patients and families with genetic, chromosomal or metabolic disorders.

2. To provide excellent health services incorporating aspects of promotive, preventive,curative and rehabilitative care by experienced health personnel to patients and families with genetic, chromosomal or metabolic disorders.

3. To become a centre of excellence for genetic referrals from across Malaysia and neighbouring countries.

4. To specialize as a centre of excellence for the training of specialists, medical officers,allied health personnel, and scientists in the field of genetics.

5. To ensure that the level of knowledge and skills of its personnel continue to expand and improve via active involvement in continuing medical education, professional development and research in genetics.

6. To participate in clinical and laboratory research in collaboration with the Institute for Medical Research locally and with worldwide laboratory services to further expand and improve the specialty and knowledge of genetic.

7. To carry out Quality Assurance activities/continuous audits to reduce morbidities and mortalities in genetic patients.

8. To create a conducive environment that is child, family and personnel-friendly for genetic patients and to provide professional advice and help for patient support groups and the general public.


• All clients seen at the Genetic Clinic will receive courteous and prompt treatment.

• All clients at the Genetic Clinic will be attended to by the clinic staff within ½ hour from time of registration.

• All clients will receive appropriate and accurate counseling.

• All ill patients will receive immediate treatment.

• All patients admitted to the ward will be seen by the attending doctor within1 hour of admission.

• Specialist will attend to all patients admitted to the ward within 24 hours of admission.



1. Outpatient care of patients with genetic and metabolic diseases.

2. Conducting Combined Clinics with other departments including IJN

3. Running of Infusion Clinic at the Daycare Centre in IPHKL

4. Inpatient care for patients with metabolic crisis

Genetic Clinic Schedule









New Case Clinic


Genetic Follow- up Clinic

Metabolic  Follow- up Clinic

Clinic allocated for cases to be seen immediately




Tutorial and Clinical Case Discussion

Clinic allocated for cases to be seen immediately




Tutorial and Clinical Case Discussion

Genetic Follow- up Clinic

Prader-Willi  Follow- up Clinic (once a month)


Combined Neurogenetic Clinic (third week)






Combined  Cardiogenetic (Marfan) Clinic in National

Heart Institute (IJN) (third week)


Genetic Follow- up Clinic

Genetic Cancer Clinic (every week)


Combined Cardiogenetic (Marfan) Clinic in WCHKL (third week)


Combined Neurogenetic (Tuberous Sclerosis) Clinic in WCHKL (fourth week)



Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

 Infusion Clinic at Daycare Unit,IPHKL


Permission obtained from parents

Waiting area in Genetic Clinic


Research is an integral part of Clinical Genetic service. All staff, in particular genetic trainees, will be encouraged to write poster/paper for publication. The unit shall conduct regular CME activities to allow all medical personnel to continuously  improve their clinical skills and knowledge.

Department of Genetics

Regular Metabolic Courses are organized to update health personnel on the latest management of metabolic disorders and rare diseases.

Genetics Department actively participate in activities organized by patient support groups, providing time and advise when needed


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