Director Dr. Shamsul Anuar Bin Kamarudin
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Deputy Director (Medical) 1 Dr. Muhamad Kasyful Azim Bin Yahaya
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Deputy Director (Medical) 2 Dr Nurul Nadia Binti Kamarul Nizam
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Deputy Director (Management) Puan Rohaida Idayu Nawi
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Jabatan Pediatrik had its humble beginnings in two wards placed above the present 

car park in the main block of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. There was only one ward for all 

children under seven years of age, while the other ward had a few beds designated 

for the first and second class, and a section created for neonatal beds for out born 

nursery. A special care nursery for inborn was placed in the Maternity Hospital. By 

mid-seventies alongside with the commencement of various clinical departments in 

the medical faculty of the National University of Malaysia, the need for a better and 

larger area for Paediatrics was acutely felt.


Planning for Institut Pediatrik began in earnest and the foundation for the institute 

was laid down in 1982. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, this much wanted 

project was only completed in early 1991. Jabatan Pediatrik however had a 

temporary reprieve when it moved to Wisma Kayu in 1988. Though placed in an old 

building, the department had seven wards dedicated to patients. By then all children 

aged thirteen years and below were rightfully placed under the care of the 

pediatrician. By May 1991, Jabatan Pediatrik moved all its activities to the present 

Institute of Paediatrics. Today Jabatan Paediatrik has evolved into providing various 

subspecialty services, serving as tertiary referral centre for the country, while 

continuing to provide core services in General Paediatrics and the neonates. Beside 

services offered by Jabatan Pediatrik, the Institute of Pediatrics also serve as a 

tertiary referral centre for Paediatric Surgery, Orthopedics, Child Psychiatry and 

Pediatric Intensive Care.


The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the largest departments in 

Hospital Kuala Lumpur. It is located within the Maternity Block of the Kuala Lumpur 

Hospital compound. It is the national referral centre for obstetrical and 

gynaecological services in the country. 


As Kuala Lumpur Hospital is a tertiary level care institution, a number of our clinical 

activities are directed at providing consultative and teaching services for a number of 

Peripheral hospitals. 


The Maternity Hospital Kuala Lumpur was officially launched on 18th January 1963 

by the then Raja Permaisuri Agong. The project was first conceived in 1958 to ease 

the overcrowding of the Maternity Section of the General Hospital, and was

completed in late 1962. It was build at the cost of RM 5 million. The Maternity 

Hospital plays an important role as the premier maternity hospital of the Ministry of 

Health in Malaysia. Its main purpose was not only to cater to the needs of the people 

of Kuala Lumpur, but also to provide facilities for seriously ill patients from the rural 

areas. It would also serve as a training centre for both midwives and nurses. For 

these purposes a well-equipped lecture theatre, a laboratory and museum, 

conference room and hospital accommodation were provided for trainees.


The hospital started off with 214 beds. Of these, 20 were first class beds, 64 second 

class beds and the remaining 156 were third class beds. A day after its official 

opening the first two babies were delivered. A total of 759,335 deliveries have been 

conducted in this hospital from 1963 to 2002, making this one of the largest and 

busiest maternity hospital in the world.

A)  Kepakaran Klinikal
  1. Perubatan Pediatrik
  2. Obstetrik & Ginekologi
  3. Pembedahan Pediatrik Am
  4. Ortopedik
  5. Otorinolaringologi
  6. Oftamologi
  7. Pembedahan Neuro
  8. Pembedahan Plastik & Rekonstruktif
  9. Urologi
  10. Pergigian Pediatrik
  11. Anestisiologi & Rawatan Rapi
  12. Psikiatri & Kesihatan Mental
  13. Kecemasan & Trauma
B)  Klinikal Diagnostik
  1. Radiologi
  2. Patologi
  3. Makmal Genetik
C)  Sokongan Klinikal
  1. Dietetik & Sajian
  2. Farmasi & Bekalan
  3. Fisioterapi
  4. Kerja Sosial Perubatan
  5. Kejururawatan
  6. Kesihatan Awam
  7. Mortuari
  8. Penyeliaan Hospital
  9. Pemulihan Carakerja
  10. Patologi Pertuturan
  11. Pendidikan Kesihatan
  12. Pengurusan Kualiti
  13. Rekod Perubatan
  14. Sucihama
  15. Unit Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan
D)  Sokongan Bukan Klinikal
  1. Pentadbiran
  2. Sumber Manusia
  3. Kewangan
  4. Kejuruteraan
  5. Teknologi Maklumat
  6. Perpustakaan
  7. Perhubungan Awam
  8. Keselamatan

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