Head of Department Puan Anishariah binti Ramli
Phone 03-26155555 ext 7208
Fax 03-26980152
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Cawangan Teknologi Maklumat (CTM) has been establish since 1991. Our department plays an important role in HKL by providing and maintaining ICT infrastructure, Aplication Systems and IT equipment for the hospital. We operate the HKL networks, connecting all the departments in HKL to each other and the Internet. The goals of CTM are to provide networking, information services for the staff in the most cost-effective way, to introduce innovative technological resources and techniques to support administrative operation at the hospital.


To provide information technology services and computerization in Hospital Kuala Lumpur with the objectives to improve quality, productivity, effectiveness in management, administration and daily activities.


To make HKL a Total Hospital Information System (THIS) characterized

1. Planning and development of ICT System/strategies for HKL.
2. Provide the maintenance for the following system in HKL:-
       i) Sistem Pengurusan Pesakit Dalam (SPPD)
       ii) Sistem Pengurusan Pesakit (SPP)
      iii) Sistem Maklumat Rekod Pesakit (SMRP)
      iv) Sistem Pengurusan Rekod Perubatan (SPRP)
       v) Sistem Aduan Masalah Komputer
      vi) Direktori Telefon HKL
     vii) Sistem Houseman

3. Maintenance of servers, PC, printers and other computer peripherals related to the above systems in HKL.
4. Managing and maintenance of network in HKL.
5. Maintenance of software for standalone PC in HKL.
6. Provide technical advice and services on ICT for all departments in HKL.
7. Maintaining and updating WebPages for HKL.
8. Provide emails for the management and the departments.

We provide training lab for the users in HKL. To assist them to be an IT literate, we provide some courses such as Basic Course for Microsoft Office and also briefing on our internal system.

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