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Physiotherapy department, Kuala Lumpur Hospital seeks to improve healthcare by delivering quality service to patients and carer with compassion, empathy, and responsiveness to individual needs, values and preferences.

Continuous quality improvement is embraced in the culture of Physiotherapy department.  The department emphasizes on the implementation of various aspects of quality at every level of the organization that in line with the vision of the Ministry of Health.

The three core values of the corporate culture initiative are practiced and internalized by all personnel to improve quality physiotherapy service.  The department’s vision, mission and values, guide the personnel to work together in achieving the department’s objectives.


The establishment of the Physiotherapy Unit of Kuala Lumpur Hospital was the beginning of physiotherapy services in Malaysia. Physiotherapy services in Malaysia was founded by Miss. Brown and Mrs. Watt in 1950s based at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL). In early 1960s, physiotherapy services became increasingly recognized and needed in the national health system. Therefore, the government has sent some qualified Malaysians abroad to undergo physiotherapy training. Overseas qualified physiotherapists served in the Physiotherapy Department of Kuala Lumpur Hospital (JFHKL) in the 1960s to 1970s. Beginning in 1977, physiotherapists with a Physiotherapy Certificate from the MOH Physiotherapy Training School have started serving at JFHKL.

Services provided include outpatients and inpatients for musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, adult and pediatric neurology. Physiotherapy treatment consisting of Therapeutic Exercise, Electrotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Chest Physiotherapy Treatment. Along with the passage of time and needs, several services have been developed and created:

• Pediatric Physiotherapy Unit at KL Pediatric Institute (1991)

• Women's Health Unit (1997)

• Phototherapy Unit under HKL Dermatology Department (1998)

• Hemophilia Patient Physiotherapy Services (1999)

• Geriatric Physiotherapy Services (2013)

The quality and competitiveness among Physiotherapists has encouraged further study by some staff to the level of Master's Degree and Doctor of Philosophy. JFHKL has become the national reference center for all Physiotherapy sub-specialty services. JFHKL is also actively involved in planning health and medical activities involving HKL health personnel and external institutions. JFHKL also plays a role as a learning center for public and private health institutions based on the latest comprehensive and dynamic skills and care techniques. JFHKL ensures that the services provided are always in line with the direction of clinical expertise at HKL.


The physiotherapy department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur is committed in providing quality and accessible services for all walks of life, based on the advancement of knowledge, skills and use of the latest technological treatment techniques as well as meeting the needs of patients that lead to improvement in quality of life.


1. Provide a comprehensive, efficient, caring and professional physiotherapy service system that is easily accessible and accepted by the community.

2. Establish an 'Evidence-based Practice' for physiotherapy treatment.

3. Implement self-care practice towards achieving quality of life.

4. Encourage society's involvement in individual and community health care.

5. Produce a highly skilled with up-to-date knowledge and qualified professional physiotherapist.


a. To provide a comprehensive, holistic, efficient and effective physiotherapy services according to the professional standards of physiotherapy practice.

b. To provide physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation with emphasis on ‘Evidence Based Practice’.

c. To encourage patients’ involvement and participation in the management of their condition through health education & counseling.

d. To provide opportunities to the staff for Continuous Professional Education towards improving knowledge and skills in physiotherapy management and other related fields.

e. To inculcate good moral values in line with corporate culture.

f. To strengthen this organization as a national resource center of excellence.

g. To develop and strengthen sub-specialized areas.

h. To provide clinical training for physiotherapists and physiotherapy trainees with emphasis on skills in the various scopes of physiotherapy management.

i. To enhance research in the field of Physiotherapy.

j.To promote health and fitness program that is relevant to the current needs.


We are committed to provide professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality physiotherapy service.

1. Registration process of patients takes 5 to 30 minutes from the scheduled appointment.

2. Each patient will receive treatment according to the scheduled appointment or within 30 minutes from the scheduled appointment.

3. A physiotherapy treatment session could take between 30 to 90 minutes.

4. Facilities and environment provided are clean, comfortable and safe

5. Each patient will be treated in a friendly, polite, considerate and efficient manner.

6. Personal information, disease and treatment of patients will be kept confidential

Clients’ Responsibility

1. Follow the scheduled appointment.

2. Obey the rules and procedures set at the treatment area. 





1. Physiotherapy Services for Outpatients

2. Physiotherapy Services for Inpatients

3. Physiotherapy Services at Clinic

4. Physiotherapy Services for Home Visit

5. Value Added Service

1. Physiotherapy Services for Outpatients

• Cardiorespiratory

• Pain Management

• Hydrotherapy

• Women's And Men's Health – Incontinence & Lymphedema

• Sport Injury

• Hand Therapy

• Phototherapy

• Musculoskeletal Management

• Neurology Management

• Spinal Cord Injury Management

• Vascular Management

• Amputee Management

• Geriatric Management

• Vestibular Management

• Obesity Programme

• Chronic Pain Management Programme

2. Physiotherapy Services for Inpatients 

• Medical

• Dermatology

• Surgical

• Orthopedic

• Radiotherapy and Oncology

• Neurology and Neurosurgery

• Nephrology and Urology

• Cardiothoracic

• Plastic and Reconstructive

• Hand and Micro

• Anesthesia / Intensive Care Unit

• Accident and Emergency

• Vascular

• Geriatric

• Other specialties that are referred for physiotherapy services

3. Physiotherapy Services at Clinic 

• Sports Injury & Joint Replacement Clinic

• Hand & Microsurgery Clinic

• Obesity Clinic

• Chronic Pain Management Clinic

• Breast Clinic

• Perioperative Clinic

• Varicose Vein Clinic

• Burn Clinic

• Parkinson Clinic

• Geriatric Clinic

• Fall Clinic

• Geriatric Incontinence Clinic

• Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Clinic

• Vestibular Clinic

• Vascular Clinic

• Heart Failure Clinic

• Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

• Genetic Clinic

 4. Physiotherapy Services for Home Visit 

• Home Visit Neurology

• Home Visit Geriatric

• Home Visit Rehabilitation

5. Value Added Service 

• On-Call Schedules

• Physiotherapy Consultation in clinics


Pelvic floor muscles exercise using realtime ultrasound.

Chest physiotherapy in the Intensive Care Unit. 


Treatment using Hydrotherapy.

Group exercise in the Gymnasium.


Balance training exercise in Geriatric Clinic

Back muscles strengthening with guided realtime ultrasound.

Senaman Warga Emas


The physiotherapy department consists of:

 i.  Main department

     Situated on the 1st floor of the main building next to Diagnostic and Imaging Department. 

 ii. The satellite units of physiotherapy: 

a. Sports Physiotherapy – Room 26, Wisma kayu.

b. Hand Physiotherapy – Room A, 1st floor, SCACC.

c. Phototherapy – 6th floor, Dermatology clinic, SCACC.

d. Neurology Physiotherapy outpatient – 2nd floor, Institut Kajisaraf Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Operational Hour

Physiotherapist shall deliver services during office hours, with additional scheduled call / on call (8am – 1 pm) on weekend and public holidays. 

Monday - Thursday

7.45 AM - 1.00 PM

1.45 PM - 5.00 PM


7.45 AM - 12.15 PM

2.30 PM - 5.00 PM


Exploring the Impact of Urinary Incontinence on Quality of Life among Elderly Women who Attends Follow Up Treatment in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic of Hospital Kuala Lumpur - Norazlina Ya’acob (2010) 

An Experience among Obesity Patients Participated in Weight Reduction Program in Physiotherapy Department, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. - Ahmad Hafizy Hairy (2017) 

The Experience of Group Exercise among Knee OA Patient at Physiotherapy Department, Hospital Kuala Lumpur - Nimale a/p Supramaniam (2017) 

To Evaluate the Clarity and Usefulness on Exercise Instruction Pamphlet given to Trigger Finger Patients at Physiotherapy Department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur - Omaneshani a/p Balakrishnan (2017)


The Department of Physiotherapy is involved in the construct of healthcare training to Physiotherapists’ attachment and physiotherapy students from the Ministry of Health Malaysia as well as from the local or international institution of higher education permitted by the government. The training given involves a myriad of specialization which includes specific practice such as rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries and incontinence.

As such, the physiotherapy department organizes a weekly continuous medical education as scheduled along with physiotherapy related courses according to the requirement and development of the profession. This is to ensure that the physiotherapist are well-equipped with the latest information.

Furthermore, the physiotherapists are also prepared to giving out talks regarding spinal care and ergonomics to the employees of the department as well as other hospitals.

The Department of Physiotherapy constantly challenges the physiotherapists to carry out related researches for excellent patient care through Evidence-Based Practise. Physiotherapists are encouraged to strive in the achievement of the highest education level for the future development of the profession. 


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